Clinic Eleven Warns About Promises Made by Skincare Brands

Clinic Eleven Warns About Promises Made by Skincare Brands

These days the fight for selling spots on the shelves is getting very competitive, and Skincare Brands are no exception. Clinic Eleven in Paraparaumu suggests to be careful about products that use words like "Patent" or "Patent Pending" in their advertising to sound more scientific. Using these words likes to suggest a major breakthrough ingredient. But all it means is - patents are granted to companies that combine or manufacture ingredients in a new way.

An ingredient being patented doesn't automatically mean it works.

"Fragrance Free" is another term in Skincare products advertising that can be misleading. A Skincare product may not have a noticeable fragrance, but it could very well have "masking scents'"- many cosmetic ingredients have unpleasant odours that have to be covered up. Responsible brands are therefore using the more appropriate and correct label "No Fragrance Added".

If you are unsure about the Skincare Product you use and would like to discuss this further then make an appointment with Dr Brent Krivan or Aesthetician Wendy Krivan by calling Clinic Eleven on 04 298 7600 or by Clicking Here.


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