What is Microdermaplaning?

MicroDermaplaning is a non- invasive, skin rejuvenation treatment that gently removes the top layers of dead skin cells and minor surface imperfections, leaving the skin looking healthy, youthful and silky smooth.

Along with sloughing away dead skin cells, this technique shaves away fine “peach fuzz”, making it an effective alternative to facial waxing.

Microdermaplaning is ideal for:

If you are looking to treat acne scars, poor skin tone, large or clogged pores, fine lines and very dry skin or vellus hair (peach fuzz), you can achieve great results with this treatment. It also enables you to apply your makeup flawlessly, making it the ideal treatment to have before a big event, holiday, or as a pick-me-up when you feel like being a little spoiled.

How is it done?

Microdermaplaning uses a special surgical blade to gently and effectively skim the dead skin cells and facial hair from the surface of the skin, revealing supple and radiant new skin. Sounds scary – but it is completely painless and actually quite relaxing.

How long do treatments take?

The procedure usually only takes 20 to 30 minutes with no downtime, making it a suitable lunch break treatment.

How often do you need treatments?

Six weekly treatments are usually sufficient however you can have them 2-6 weeks apart.

Microdermaplaning is perfect for those who want a quick, easy, yet effective skin rejuvenation treatment, one that involves no downtime and no major side effects! It is non-surgical, non-invasive, and affordable. The best part of all – the results are instant – and better yet, your skin tone and texture will continue to improve significantly after repeated treatments.

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