Dermal Needling

Dermal Needling

One of the first things we notice about someone is their skin complexion. Everyone would love to have beautiful, clear, luminous skin, and with new treatments available to treat a myriad of concerns, it is now attainable.

Dermal needling therapy has been available for many years, and a variety of devices have been used to cause micro-injuries to the skin to stimulate collagen production. At Clinic Eleven we use the dermal roller, we also have the Dermapen and E-Dermastamp machines for an ever greater effect than dermal rolling.

What is Dermal Needling used for?

It is used for skin tightening, lifting, and rejuvenation. It helps with skin texture by improving wrinkles and fine lines and minimizing pore size. It can also help with reducing scarring, whether it’s old acne scarring, or a newer wound that has scarred. It can also be used to improve stretch marks, treat alopecia, and lift abnormal pigmentation.

Medical Dermal Rolling or Skin Needling is used for collagen channeling for natural collagen induction therapy.

The principle behind collagen channeling and the medical needling treatment is simple. When it is applied to the skin, under local or topical anaesthetic, it creates channels deep into the dermis of the skin. These deep channels cause keratinocytes and fibroblasts to produce numerous growth factors to induce collagen, without any damage to the epidermis at all.

The science behind how causing a micro-injury to the skin stimulates collagen production: Injury > Inflammation > Gowth Factor Emission > Fibrobalst Cell Multiplication > Collagen and Elastin Synthesis

What sort of results can I expect?

– Soften fine lines
– Help tighten the skin and restore elasticity
– Thicken the skin
– Reduce the appearance of scarring
– Help reduce pigmentation marks

Advantages of medical dermal rolling / skin needling:

– The process is entirely natural
– The process is not painful and is safe
– There is a very short healing period – as little as 5 days
– The treatment is cost-effective
– It can be used on thin skin
– There is no permanent damage to the skin
– It can be safely repeated for better results
– It can be used on laser-resurfaced skin
– No sun sensitivity is induced
– It can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body

Regular use of Dermal Needling can:

– Contribute towards skin thickening
– Assist in softening fine lines
– Help scarring to become less obvious
– Assist in the disappearance of pigmentation marks

Who should not have this treatment?

The treatment should be avoided by anyone (i) with skin cancer, (ii) who is allergic to local anaesthetic, (iii) on chemotherapy, radiotherapy or high doses of corticosteroids (iv) with a history of keloid scars.

Dermal Needling Roller for home use

The principle behind the dermal needling is that it helps to increase penetration of vitamins and other active ingredients into the skin. When applied to the surface of the skin, it creates micro-channels in the outer layer (surface) of the skin. Once this layer has been breached, a topical moisturiser can reach into the depths of the skin more effectively than by simply applying the products to the surface.

Advantages of using the take-home Dermal Roller

– The process stimulates physiological responses
– You can use regularly at home
– There is no damage to the skin
– It can be used on all ages and all types of skin, even thin skin
– It can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body


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