Clinic Eleven Paraparaumu on Taking Care of Your Lips

Clinic Eleven Paraparaumu on Taking Care of Your Lips
August 24, 2012 Hrdlicka Erdbeere

Clinic Eleven Paraparaumu on Taking Care of Your Lips

Clinic Eleven at Coastlands Shopping Town in Paraparaumu informs that you can diligently apply “medicated” lip balm several times a day and still suffer from chapped lips. The tingling sensation you get from some lip balms usually comes from menthol, camphor or phenol. All those ingredients are drying and irritating, camphor and menthol dry out the lips, a necessary step for healing cold sores, but they are too strong for ordinary dryness. Phenol’s main purpose is to kill bacteria and help prevent infections and should be used only in severe cases, not on a daily basis. But some users of Lip Balms often find the pleasant tingling habit-forming. You could get accustomed to that cooling, soothing sensation, and then you may feel “I need that several times every day”. Subjected to this constant irritation, it’s not surprising that your lips don’t get any better.

Dr Brent Krivan and Aesthetician Wendy Krivan of Clinic Eleven recommend a Vitamin E Lip Balm containing shea butter or beeswax that nourish and protect your lips with a barrier layer for milder cases of dryness. “When it says to heal lips, don’t get into the habit of using it when your lips are at their best.”

Many dermatologists maintain that the lips natural exfoliate every 28 days or so. This backs up the belief that lip balm just isn’t necessary. Even some Lip Balms designed to “heal” could possibly have ingredients which keeps you hooked.

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