Clinic Eleven Paraparaumu Reveals: Skin Damage from Sugar Ageing

Clinic Eleven Paraparaumu Reveals: Skin Damage from Sugar Ageing

As everyone is pretty much aware of the effect on too much sugar having on your waistline, a new threat has emerged that may change the way you look at a sweet treat from now on:

Eating too much sugar in the form of sweets or carbohydrates AGES the skin, according to American Dermatologist Dr Nicolas Perricone.

Dr Perricone reports that sugar produces an upsurge in skin-damaging free radicals, which speed up ageing and damaging skin cells by inflammation.

This process is called "glycation", whereby sugar molecules attach themselves to the main proteins of the skin - Collagen and Elastin - and fast-track unsightly wrinkles, and causing sagging and uneven skin.

So if you want healthier, younger looking, elastic skin you should switch to a sugar-free diet. If you can't manage that, at least reduce your sugar intake dramatically, and that includes all "white processed" carbs like bread, rice, potatoes and pasta.

Skin Care products containing serums and moisturisers with Vitamin A and C antirioxidants may also help to fight the visible effects of sugar-ageing.

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