Story of the Male PRP-Shot

The History of the Male PRP-Shot

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Dr. Runels created the Priapus Shot (PRP-Shot) on the heels of his success with his first signature PRP procedure, the Vampire Facelift.

As Runels tells it, a salesman from a PRP kit manufacturer came to visit his office and told him, “Dr. Runels, I see you are doing a high volume of Juvéderm and Botox work. PRP works just like Juvéderm Juvéderm and Botox, and it causes increased volume and blood flow, with no side effects.”

“When he said ‘new volume and blood flow,’ the first thought that went through his mind was, this is going straight into my penis. I was thinking about male sexuality after all my work with hormone replacement therapy. I wanted to try it on my own penis first before I even thought about offering it to a patient.”

However, the lack of medical literature on such an injection, coupled with the fear of priapism and having to go to the emergency room to have his penis drained, kept Dr. Runels’ experimental desires at bay.

After about four months of pondering this idea, Dr. Runels received a call from San Diego. The man on the other end of the phone had read about Dr. Runels online, and asked if PRP could help improve the size of his penis. “He told me he was, ‘a conservative Jewish man with a small penis,’” Runels recalls. “’I am about to get married. I’m a good looking. I surf. I’m well traveled. I have a great business, but I’m worried that my finance might reject me because I have such a small penis.’”

And then he asked for help. Dr. Runels told his first potential patient that he would call him back within a week.

It Takes a Crazy Redneck to Try Something like This

“I was very frightened,” Runels remembers. “What if the injection blocks off the blood flow, and I end up with priapism, necrosis, or some sort of weird curvature? I told my girlfriend, ‘You may need a new boyfriend soon, because if what’s I’m thinking about doing doesn’t work, you may not want to be with me anymore.”

To help move the PRP around throughout his penis, Runels decided to employ a penis vacuum pump so the platelets wouldn’t pile up in one place.

Penis Vacuum Pump

“It takes a crazy redneck to try something like this,” Dr. Runels said of himself.
The crazier thing is it worked — extremely well

“From the combination of the injection and the pump, the base of my penis was clearly more substantial than it was before,” Runels said. “My girlfriend agreed. So we did a little experiment. And I had two thoughts: One, I wish I had a transcript of everything my girlfriend was saying so I could write it down for marketing purposes; and two, size really does matter.”

Dr. Runels called his potential patient in San Diego and told him, “You’ll be the first patient, and it may not work — or you could have a bigger penis in a month. Ironically, it did not make his penis larger. But he said that he doesn’t use the pump — it felt too weird.”

Dr. Runels has since discovered that the men who see the biggest gains in penis size are the ones who use the pump in conjunction with the injections. “It’s like taking steroids and lifting weights, if you don’t lift weights while you’re taking them, you won’t get any bigger.”

Despite the lack of increase in penis size, the San Diego patient was very please with the injections. “I asked him if he wanted his money back, and he said, ‘No, because my penis is working so much better now.’”

Since then, Dr. Runels has passed the torch to a select group of physicians. Now, we are using the PRP-Shot procedure to help our patients have the most meaningful sexual experience of their lives. Call Dr Brent Krivan on 04 298 7600 now to improve your sex life today.

Printed with permission from Dr Emilia Rippoll’s Choices For Health

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PRP-Shot: Sexual Rejuvination – with permission from Everyoung Blog

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