PRP Rejuvenation from the inside out

From turning back the clock on ageing to helping with sexual dysfunction, Regen PRP is a treatment with virtually endless possibilities.

Are you after a fresher, more youthful complexion? Less lines and wrinkles? Or perhaps you just want to improve the quality and texture of your skin? Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) by RegenLab provides the complete package.

The biostimulating treatment also extends well beyond skin rejuvenation. The tissue-repairing effects and the growth factors released by PRP regenerate tissue like no other. It has widespread application in orthopaedics and sports medicine, and now in hair restoration and gynaecology, among many other fields. What’s more, a growing body of literature supports its ability to help tissues heal after certain types of surgery.

RegenLab are world market leaders for a reason. Not only was the company the first to market PRP in Australia but its PRP therapy is also backed by a series of clinical data, published in 112 publications, including its effects on skin tissue for cosmetic use. RegenLab PRP stands out as the proven system for optimal results.

So, what is PRP and how does it work?

Never heard of Platelet Rich Plasma? The term ‘PRP’ is used to describe blood plasma with a high concentration of platelets. Platelets in the blood play a key role in the body’s natural wound-healing response. The role of PRP in skin rejuvenation, either standalone or in conjunction with procedures such as laser and injectables, is gaining a loyal following for its ability to rejuvenate and smooth the skin (it’s a big hit with the celebs – just Google it!)

As we age, we lose collagen and elastin in our skin. While there is a range of treatment modalities out there, Regen PRP is a little different. It actively regenerates skin tissue and texture from the first treatment, achieving the best outcomes for repair and regeneration.

Regen PRP treatments work on all three layers of the skin – epidermal, dermal and subdermal – so skin appears fresher and younger with improved quality and texture. Clinical studies have shown significant improvement in skin sagging/firmness, as well as a plumpness and radiance to the skin.

Regen PRP can work in several ways, depending on the application and the target area. Dr Ksenija Šelih Martinec is a gynaecologist from Slovenia and renowned international speaker. She recently presented at the 15th Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress (AMWC) in Monaco, where aesthetic professionals from around the world discussed the use of PRP for skin rejuvenation, vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction.

“I have been using RegenLab PRP for about seven years in the field of aesthetic medicine. With RegenLab kits, we produce high quality PRP. There are no foreign materials used and we don’t see any negative side effects – we essentially just help the body to regenerate,” explains Dr Martinec. “About four years ago I also started to use PRP in gynaecology and patients have been very impressed with the results.”

Clinic Eleven Skincare Paraparaumu Wendy Krivan Intense Pulse Light Therapy imageThe use of PRP in gynaecology is a new indication and Dr Martinec is one of its pioneers. The main indications for PRP in gynaecology range from improvement in female sexual dysfunction, stress urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness to providing post-partum rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the labia.

“These indications are very common and can significantly affect a women’s life, lower her self-esteem and negatively influence her femininity. Until now, we did not have any adequate treatments for these types of concerns.”

“With RegenLab PRP we try to prolong quality of life in one of the most important aspects of a woman’s life – her intimacy. The pelvic part of the female body is the most delicate, and is affected by ageing, hormonal changes and trauma. There are periods in a woman’s life such as childbirth and menopause that greatly affects muscles, connective tissue and nerves. This can result in problems such as stress urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction and vaginal dryness. Helping women to treat these problems can really change their lives.”

“I have had great feedback and find that my patients are very happy after their PRP treatment. Improvement is usually noticed in about three weeks, with a series of two to three treatments generally required for optimal results (depending on the case). The results usually last around 18 months, after which a maintenance treatment can be performed.

Clinic Eleven Skincare Paraparaumu Wendy Krivan Slider image1What does PRP treatment involve?

A PRP treatment usually takes around 40 minutes in total. First up, the practitioner will harvest your own blood growth factors (which your body uses to heal damaged tissue). Two small vials of your blood are taken and placed in the specialised Regen PRP machine that separates the platelets from the blood. This is then put in a syringe and re-injected into the target areas in small amounts using a very thin needle.

The whole process involves minimal discomfort. Any swelling or bruising after the procedure will usually disappear overnight.

For skin treatments, any bruising disappears after a few days.

“Regenerative medicine is a new way of thinking. Trying to help the body to heal itself is a very exciting process and I feel like I am doing something really good for my patients,” concludes Dr Martinec.

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