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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma for Sports Injuries…see a demonstration of the procedure below:

PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma. It has been hailed as a rejuvenating treatment ever since it was made famous by Kim Kardashian’s “Vampire-Face” rejuvenation pictures.

Lately it gained a lot more traction with athletes and professional sports-people swearing by it as a treatment for chronic muscle and tendon injuries. So how does it work?

Dr Brent Krivan explains the procedure:

First some of your blood is taken and put through a centrifuge for 11 minutes, which separates the blood cells from the Plasma and the Platelet Rich Plasma, which is the “good stuff” we want.

Once the Plasma is injected it encourages repair and rejuvenation of all surrounding tissue.


PRP injection process

The Plasma is drawn into a syringe and injected with a very fine needle; you can hardly feel it as it goes in.

Since it is your own blood there are no side-effects to be expected or reported.

Dr Krivan advises not to do any strenuous exercise with the injured muscles on the day of the injection, but the athlete can resume normal sport activities or go back to the gym and train normally the day after.

The person being treated in the video is a 55 year old male with inflamed biceps tendons which did not improve for 5 months with physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture or anti-inflammatory medication.

Within 14 days of the injection he reports 100%  normal range of motion for the shoulder and arm.

Strength and endurance is back by 90%, a huge improvement in  a very short timeframe. He expects full recovery in another 2 weeks.


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